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Zebra Technologies FS10 Industrial Fixed Mount Barcode Reader


Zebra Technologies provides advanced and innovative automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology solutions for industrial automation. This includes barcode scanners, QR code scanners, barcode readers, inventory scanners, wireless barcode scanners, and 2D barcode scanners.


The cutting-edge hardware and software from Zebra Technologies automates previously manual operations, which then exponentially accelerate accurate identification, tracking, and data capture of industrial parts and products.  Zebra Technology enhances both the quality and efficiency of your operations. When you automate your identification and data capture processes you can reduce human error, improve workflow efficiency, and enhance overall productivity.
Zebra Barcode Reader


Quality control and regulatory compliance requirements that threaten to overwhelm you are conquered by accurate identification and tracking, you can ensure and provide documentation proving that products meet quality standards and adhere to industry regulations.

Zebra Technology solutions contribute to supply chain optimization by improving visibility, traceability, and transparency. This helps you make informed decisions, reduce lead times, minimize disruptions, and streamline logistics and distribution.

Zebra FS40 fixed mount industrial barcode reader


Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and software, such as your ERP and WMS. Integrating with Zebra can facilitate a smooth implementation process and minimizes disruptions during technology adoption.

Zebra Matrox Frame GrabberZebra Technology has deep industry expertise and offers solutions tailored to specific verticals, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and logistics. With the HTE TECHTEAM, the solution we develop for you will be optimized to your unique challenges and requirements.

HTE and Zebra Technologies provide Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois manufacturers with the product ID and traceability hardware, software, and support needed to compete locally and globally.
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