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Remote Monitoring

Predictive maintenance made easy

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SmartLink Services

HTE Compressed Air Solutions, in partnership with Atlas Copco Compressors, offers customers SmartLink, 24/7 monitoring of plant equipment including your air compressors, air dryers, vacuums, blowers, and Nitrogen Generators. When integrated with the Elektronikon controller, SmartLink remote monitoring system gives you a means of monitoring the health of your equipment operation at all times. Insights make you smarter, and make predicitive maintenance systems very simple.


This powerful tool is available as 3 different licenses.

Smartlink ServiceWith Smartlink Service, rule out uncertainty with the basic subscription which is available at no additional charge to every owner of an Atlas Copco machine equipped with a current Elektronikon controller. It will notify your designated maintenance provider whenever the machine is due for service, or is starting to exhibit a condition that may inhibit its smooth function. Proactively avoiding equipment failures ensures that you can maximize your plant productivity while reducing both maintenance and energy costs.

Smartlink UptimeWith Smartlink Uptime, all alerts are delivered in real-time, giving anyone who relies on their compressor confidence in its reliable performance. There are three levels of service available, the first of which is included at no charge to the owners of any brand of machine using an Atlas Copco Elektronikon air compressor controller. For a low monthly fee, customers can also monitor their machine up-time, and energy consumption.

Smartlink EnergyWith SmartLink Energy, you can monitor your compressor's performance in a manner that makes sense to you using the easily configured dashboards. When required, alerts are sent to you via designated text and/or email address.

A team of compressor professionals is on station 24/7 where they monitor each of your compressors. Any concerns are automatically relayed to either your internal or external service provider.

HTE Compressed Air Solutions supplies equipment remote monitoring for companies located in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.
For more information please contact Customer Service at 800-444-4831 or by email at