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In-Line Filters

Clean dry air where and when you need it

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Copco In-Line Compressed Air FiltersIndustrial process equipment requires clean, dry, oil-free air to keep it operating at maximum efficiency, and to produce product with the highest possible quality.  To help in that endeavor, compressed air must be properly filtered for particulate matter down to a specific size, for condensation, a natural by-product of the compression process, and for oils used in the compression process, or possible present in the ambient intake air.


Key to proper system design is a clear understanding of the quality standards required of the process.  HTE Compressed Air Solutions can provide in-line filtration equipment designed to the strictest standards for the manufacturing of product that must be pure. Many processes do not require high purity air, and for those processes we can specify more cost-efficient solutions that will not compromise the product quality you require.


Filtration systems typically consist of filters, housings, and differential pressure gauges. The filter itself may be used to extract water, oil, dust, particulates, or odor, with the primary aim of ensuring that your compressed air never contaminates your processes, equipment, or tools.


Common filter categories include coalescing, for either moisture or oil-vapor, dry dust, wet dust, high pressure, breathing air, and activated carbon for odor management. HTE Compressed Air Solutions is dedicated to providing the resources Kansas, Missouri and Illinois manufacturers need to maximize the return on their investment in filtration technology.
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